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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Business Networking
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Our expert engineers have worked on every type of business network. Many network support problems can even be fixed over the phone, which amounts to a huge productivity saving for you. We cover a large range of problems including:

•Cabling (Cat5, Cat 6)
•Operating Systems
•Office Packages
•Specialist Applications

Our structured network maintenance and support agreements are arranged to suit your exact requirements, allowing you to decide exactly which sort of cover you would like. This could be anything from telephone support only, right up to regular pre-emptive visits and hardware diagnostic testing, software installation and training.

Network Design & Implementation
Your cables are the physical link between machines and devices on your network. These include network cables, telephone cables and power cables, all of which must be properly installed and maintained to give you the most reliable services.

Basic Cabling Service
Cables are run neatly along skirting boards and terminated in the appropriate types of sockets for your machines to be plugged into. All cabling conforms to the relevant IEEE standards and government regulations.

Hidden Cable Service
If you prefer to have the cables completely hidden from view, they can be installed within suitable trunking, or under floors or above suspended ceilings, as appropriate for your office environment.

Power Cables and Power Supply
As with the network cabling, it is vital to ensure that the mains supply to your network is properly installed. It also has to be able to supply enough power for all those machines! In order to protect your investment, we can install a suitable Uninterruptible Power Supply unit so that, in the event of a power cut, your server has time to shut itself down without risking damage to your files.

Hardwired Networks
For complete piece of mind, IT Reliance offers a full installation service for computer hardware, software and network equipment. Whether you are buying an entirely new network or just adding PCs or printers, our engineers will not complete the job until everything is working to your satisfaction. We offer discounted rates if you also purchase your equipment from us and we will also work with third party equipment as freelance engineers.

Installation Example
A typical network will consist of your employees computers, known as 'workstations', at least one 'server' computer to control the network and perhaps to store important documents and databases, some cables and sockets to connect them all together, and at least one 'switch' or possibly one or more 'routers' to control the passage of data as it moves around the network or to and from other sites and the Internet.

The workstations and server or servers will need appropriate software, and they will have to be configured so that they can talk to each other allowing them to send data to each other. Other peripherals such as printers and scanners can also be set up.

Your Internet connection, which is essential if you are to have a proper e-mail service, will also require a modem of some sort, depending on whether you are going to use an ISDN or an ADSL connection.

IT Reliance's network design service ensures that your network operates with maximum efficiency and is the most cost-effective way to connect your computers. There are many ways to build a network. We will make sure that yours is right for you and your budget.

How do you decide on what technologies you need? Let our experts choose the system that is right for your needs. We will help you choose the kind of Internet connection that will save you the most time and money.

IT Reliance obtain the best-quality components at the best prices, you can be sure that your network will be robust enough to cope with even the most demanding business environment.

Software vendors seem to make it their life's purpose to come up with the most complex licensing schemes that they can think of for their software. We sort through the maze to find the most cost-effective option for your network.

Installation Service Details
We will agree the specifics for each project in a signed project plan prior to the commencement of any work. All IT Reliance staff present on site will behave in a polite and respectful manner putting your business and clients before their duties.

Network Testing
Most automated testing methodologies address the network infrastructure as a passive architectural component rather than a direct contributor to application performance, infrastructure stability and satisfaction of your business' customers and employees.

A thorough testing methodology is necessary to provide a complete end-to-end automated testing solution in order to understand the effect of the existing network topology on your application, as well as to understand the effect your application will have on the existing network.

IT Reliance uses specialised tools and methodologies to provide network testing solutions that address all phases of application development. The automated testing processes and application-centric view of your architecture allow you to:

Graphically visualize all the components, such as servers, routers, etc., which participate in presenting data to the end-user's application.

Determine the network capacity requirements of your application in order to assure that your network infrastructure can not only support its current requirements, but that it will also be able to scale as your business grows.

Analyze existing network traffic in order to identify computers that are infected with viruses and/or are exhibiting anomalous behaviour, such as large data transfers or denial of service (DOS) attacks.

Provide insight into how an application will perform in various network environments, such as WANs, and across geographically distributed users. Bandwidth and network latency can be analyzed in order to identify the affects on user response time.

Characterize transaction attributes, such as the amount of frames transferred or the number of client initiated requests can pinpoint the source of poor end-user response time by identifying the amount of time spent processing on your client, one or more servers and the network.

Leverage data gathered by network management tools to diagnose ongoing or historical performance and stability problems.

IT Reliance can quickly visualize transaction dynamics and diagnose performance problems. This will result in a clear definition of what is happening over your network at each stage of an application's operation. This information is vital to all parties involved whether it be developers or application and network managers.

Performance Testing your Systems and Network
Testing the performance of your network helps determine if the environment meets requirements at set loads and mixes of transactions by testing specific business scenarios.

Load Testing your Systems and Network
Performing load testing involves creating an increase in transactions on the target environment until requirements are exceeded or the saturation of a resource is achieved.

Stress Testing your Systems and Network
Performing stress tests exercises the target system or environment to the point of saturation. This is the depletion of a resource whether it be the CPU, memory, or Bandwidth. This enables IT Reliance to determine the behaviour changes that could be detrimental to the system, application or data.

Benefits of Network Testing
Reduction of Capital Costs
By testing your network IT Reliance will identify problems from development to post-deployment, allowing you and your staff to spend less, while achieving more.

Improving your Operational Efficiency
The tools used by IT Reliance provide structured, repeatable investigative functions that accelerate problem resolution; this alleviates pressure and helps to expand your existing IT staff.

Increases your Business Productivity
Business productivity can be easily linked to application response time. IT Reliance can pinpoint application bottlenecks to support smooth application deployments.

Reduce Risks
IT managers implementing network testing are provided the information needed to help them minimize risks of network problems and failures.

Wireless Networks
IT Reliance offers a range of Wireless Networking solutions to meet the increasingly diverse demand for wireless LANs. IT Reliance can tailor a solution to your company's unique requirements and ensure the efficient and secure deployment of your wireless network within your budget.

Details of some of the specialist wireless services ITR offer.

•Internal and 'point to point' wireless surveys
•Fully itemised Survey Reports
•Full WLAN analysis using the latest Ekahau analysis tools
•Coverage maps showing detailed signal characteristics
•Analysis of antennae requirements and mounting issues
•Maintenance contracts
•Network Surveillance

If you are worried what your employees may be up to while at work, IT Reliance can install hardware and software onto your network to monitor traffic from your company workstations, identifying ports and programs in use.