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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Managed IT Services
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Very often, within a business (independent on size) there is a requirement for IT support, and on many occasions if the conmpany does not want to employ a full time IT person, the IT support is done by another employee who expressed an interest.

The down side to this is the person who is now doing the IT support cannot get on with the work they were originally employed to do

 It Reliance provide a customisable managed service to small business, which gives a company a set monthly cost to work into their budgets and cashflow

These services are a fraction of the cost of a IT trainee never mind an IT professional with many years of commercial experience.

Personal Support
One problem, one telephone call. Call our UK based help desk and we’ll take ownership of the problem and we’ll keep you informed of progress as we resolve the problem for you.  


Daily Health Check
We run a daily health check where issues such as disks growing too quickly or hacker alerts can be identified and appropriate remedial action can be taken.

We will ensure that your Anti Virus protection is right up to date and the latest applicable Microsoft patches are installed to keep you protected and running smoothly.

On Site Engineer
If we are unable to resolve problems remotely an engineer will attend site on the same business day.

Remote Monitoring
We will monitor your systems remotely and quite often we’ll fix problems before you even become aware of them, or more importantly, before they cause problems for you.  


We provide daily, weekly or monthly reporting to show you the results of the checks we are carrying out on your behalf. Giving you confidence that your systems are in safe hands.

Data Backup
Regular data backups will be setup and monitored to ensure they are successful.

Replacement Parts
If you have a hardware fault we will supply all replacement parts needed to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Loan Equipment
If we aren’t able to repair your equipment on site we will provide a loan machine of equal or better specification while we repair your equipment in our purpose build workshops.