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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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All those who are wondering about the sound quality between a Iphone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy Note:-

Im sat here listening to Tinie Tempah feat Eric Turner (Written in the Stars) with a pair of Shure SE535 PTH Headphones. and having just compared the two phones, they are a million miles apart.

The Samsung Sounds ok, dont get me wrong, but when I was listening to it, I thought there was something missing, I cant remember these headphones sounding that mediocre.

Once plugged into the Iphone 4S, million miles away from the Samsung.

And heh, thats my opinion, but its a massive difference

Great phone the Galaxy note, but I wont be using it to listen to music

Also these are the only headphones Ive had to turn the volume down on, as I reckon they would certainly damage your hearing if used on full