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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Have you noticed your machine making more noise? fans whirring faster then they should be?

It is quite normal for the speed of fans inside Pc's and laptops to vary in speed. it is a balance between keeping the processors cool and keeping the noise down/power low

The way a machine achieves this is to force air past many thin metal sheets (called a heat sink) however with the air it forces past is dust and debris from the surroundings it has taken it from.

This debris gets stuck behind the heat sink, and builds up over time to block any air flow through the heat sink.

As a result of this, the processor gets hotter and the fan goes faster to try and cool it down.

Graphics Card Fan

Graphics Card Fan Blocked


If it was just the noise you had to worry about, that would be fine, however it is the build up of heat that causes damage and failure of many computer components:-


Hard Drives - Hard drives generate their own heat (only a small amount on SSD) and excess heat will cause a hard drive to have a shorter life than

Processors - CPU's are designed to work at high temperatures, but excessive temperatures will cause them to crash or fail

Graphics Cards - Separate graphics cards have what is called a GPU (very much like the processor) along with this they have very high speed memory

which when they get too hot will cause the graphics card to fail (often beyond recovery) as some surface mount components will un solder themselves from the PCB

or cause capacitors on the card to expand and become damaged


Desktop PC Dust

Desktop PC Dust