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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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The new Apple Ipad Arrived in store on the 28th May 2010, and we think it deserves an independent review of its design and features aimed at a non-techie audience.

The Unit itself can be described easily as a 4x sized Apple Iphone or Ipod Touch, the front screen has a 1" black border around its edges, with the main button at the bottom of the unit (however it can be orientated in any direction and most apps will rotate accordingly)

The screen resolution is amazing, brightness is brighter than most laptops and even with a high gloss finish the unit can be read easily in bright light or outside.

below the button on the edge of the unit is the standard Apple Iphone connector (yes it will charge from an Iphone charger for the car) and the speaker (The speaker is very good, just 1, but provides good volume without distortion)

On the left hand edge of the unit is the micro sim card slot (If you go for a unit with 3g), the ipad comes with a smal pin like device to pop the micro sim holder out.

O2 have a PAYG sim which gives 3gb per month for £15, and allows a maximum of 5gb carry over to the following month, so if you only use 1gb in May, you will have 5gb in June

Once the sim is installed, it quickly sets itself up for the provider you choose, couldnt be easier

On the right hand edge is the volume control and lock button

On the top is the power button, standard headphone socket and microphone hole.

The units are the same finish as an macbook pro, reasonably weighted and balances eavenly in the hands

Cases double up as a stand, We bought the InCase case which provides 3 angel positions, its a bit thicker than the Apple case also

The on screen keyboard is very easy to use, not obious;y tactile, but does provide an easy way of entering info.

Email (Pop, Imap and exchange) are there as standard and easy to setup

Safari works as a full browser and does not announce itself to web browsers as a portable device by the looks of it

Other standard features are:-

Calendar which can be synced to google calendar









Ipod Music Player

The Appstore works in the same way as the Iphone, and shows Ipad apps at the top as it recocnises the device, We have tried a few apps already on the device designed specifically for the Ipad :-

LogmeinIgnition - full screen remote support app

RealRacingHD - Its like having a pc with good graphics and steering wheel in your hands (fantastic)

Korg iElectribe - Amazing Synth app

Looptastic HD - Try this if you like creating music, it rocks

Pinball HD - Bit like pinball fatasies (Amiga) but better and plays great

Older apps you may have bought before, will work on the Ipad, and the 2x screen size shows them full screen on the ipad (This works very well)



If you need a device that browsers the internet, does email and houses your media (music,photos and videos) then consider one of these

It has INSTANT on, no waiting for out of standby or hibernation or booting

WIFI is very good and senstive

3g works well in a good signal area

And the battery life is amazing, over 10 hours using the unit (gaming or video watching, or music)