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Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Ok, for many years people have had issues with setting this up, I remember back over 15 years setting up Nokia phones on IBM Laptops and it being a problem.

Couple few things to be aware of:-

1 Make sure your mobile phone is capable of 3g and not a 2g model, it may still work but will be slow.

2 Ensure your phone can be connected as a modem to your pc or laptop, Iphones (unless jailbroken cannot be used in this way, as Apple will not allow the apps into the Appstore)

3 Ensure you have the right drivers for your mobile phone, often a PC Suite cd or download from the manufacturers site.

4 If you wish to use your tethered (Mobile phone attached to PC/Laptop as Modem) phone via Blue Tooth, make sure you make your phone visible via Bluetooth and watch out for requests to enter the pairing passcode, access request etc.

5 If connecting via USB, make sure you have either installed the PC Suite beforehand or have the drivers ready and waiting for Windows to find.

6 Ensure you have the Data Service Enabled on your phone.


Once you have a connection to your PC or laptop, check in Control Panel, go to Modems, and if you have multiple entries here, choose each on, go to properties, then diagnostics and choose Query Modem, in the info window (if connected) you will see information regarding that modem e.g. Nokia, LG,Samsung. From this write down the Com Port Number and the modem name (standard modem over Bluetooth link 4) for example

The next step is key to your success, and involves setting the APN name in the Modem Initialisation String:-

On the modem that is your mobile goto to Properties, SELECT THE CHANGE SETTINGS and go to Advanced, in here is where you put the String that is appropriate for the network providor you use.


For Pay and Go O2 it should be:-

AT+CGDCONT=1, "IP","", ""

Now for other providors, you should only have to substitute the part in bold italics for the APN of the providor

Once entered, press OK

The next Part is to setup a DUN (Dial Up Networking) Connection, this is under Control Panel, Networking, Setup a mew connection or network

Choose Dial Up Connection

Now select the modem name, that you made a note of earlier on, e.g. standard modem over Bluetooth link 4

The dial up phone number is:- *99#

username and password can often be left blank, for o2 pay as you go we use :- payandgo

password = password


Type an appropriate connection name, stating the phone model and service perhaps, and choose allow other users to use, if you have multiple users on the machine who will need this same facility.

Your Done.