Internet Setup Service

IT Reliance can help you set up your first ever internet connection, or help with the transition to a different internet package or provider. Once your service has been set up, an engineer can visit your home and configure all the necessary hardware and software to get you up and running, so that you can most effectively use the internet service you have purchased.

Internet Service Provider Guidance Service

If you are having trouble deciding between all the different internet packages and suppliers, IT Reliance can help you choose the service that best fits your needs. Once your service has been set up you can also choose to have an engineer visit your home to set up all the required hardware and software.

Home Network Security Service

Making sure your home network is secure is imperative in stopping hackers obtaining your personal information such as credit card details and also to prevent your home computer or network from being overrun with viruses, spyware and adware. we can perform a site survey and will outline any areas of concern and will offer advice on the best way to remedy any security vulnerabilities.